Sunday, July 5, 2009

Internet Download Manager - How To Download

I've tell you about my IDM setting. And now I'll like to share about how to download using IDM. In the setting, I've already integrate IDM with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. So, how to download using IDM? Simple, just open the link of the file you want to download using your browser and click the button or the link to download the file, depends on the filehosting, some of them using button and others gives another link.

Search for the magic word, which is 'download', some of them says 'click here to download', others says 'download now' and some others just says 'download'. Wait for a pop up just like this picture:

Take a look at the numbered red box in the picture. Where do you want to save your downloaded file? The default location is in my document -> downloads (this is for general type of files, if the file felt in video category, than it will be saved in my document -> downloads -> video, and so on with other categories). If you want to change it, click the number 1 button, browse your computer and then select the location where you want it to be saved.

The number 2 red box is just for your information. It's the size of the file that you're gonna download. In the example picture, the size is 100MB. Of course, bigger file will take more time to complete.

The number 3 red box is your action, whether you want to start download, download it later or cancel the download process. If you click the start button, then it will start the download process. A new windows will appear, showing you the download process, the status, the file name, the size of the file, the percentage and amount of the downloaded data, the transfer rate (speed), time left (estimated download complete) and info whether you can pause it and resume it later or not.

*Note: the second and third image in this post are not the same file, therefor they have different size.

You can pause the download process anytime you like but if the download didn't support resume capability, then you have to start it over.

And also, pay attention at the details there, there are 16 parts (0-15) connections. The numbers of connection varies according to the setting. I've changed the setting in the connection tab to 16, therefor there are 16 numbers of connection.

If you choose to download it later, then IDM will put the file in the queue to download. You can start the queue by simply click the start queue button at the top of IDM interface but bear in mind that the queue process is only work for file which can be resume. If not, than you've to start it over. I'll discuss about queue process in the other post.

And if you click cancel, than IDM will cancel the download process. I guess I shouldn't tell you about this, it just so simple.

Refer the first image for these tips.
*Tips 1: If the filehosting gave you another link to download, you can also right click the link and choose download with IDM. It also works. This method sometimes better than click the link because browser tends to hang for sometime while IDM's trying to download the file. Use this method and your browser wouldn't freeze. But this method can't be used for filehosting with download button.

*Tips 2: You can also right click the link and copy the link location (I'm using Mozilla Firefox, I don't remember for IE or others), open IDM interface and click 'add URL'. This is also another way to download a file. Like the first tips, this method only works for filehosting with link to download such as Mediafire.

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